5 Best Cybersecurity News and Trends Websites

James L. Feldkamp

February 22, 2023

Jim Feldkamp

Cybercrime is a threat to individuals, businesses, and governments around the world. Hackers, rogue groups, and nation-states are all using their digital skills to steal sensitive data and compromise networks. This week’s cybersecurity news includes updates on attacks, malware and phishing, data privacy and compliance, and more. Check out these top cybersecurity websites to stay up-to-date on the latest security issues and developments.

Sites This Week

Microsoft partners are invited to attend free digital events to build and strengthen their cybersecurity skills. These sessions are designed to help you understand new capabilities that will transform how you secure your data and systems today and for future growth.

The site also offers a daily news digest of the top security stories first thing in the morning. It features articles, videos, and more.

PC World

If you’re looking for an online computer magazine that also provides cybersecurity news and trends, PC World is a great place to start. It offers buying advice through opinionated reviews and authoritative analysis of technology news, as well as practical tips for troubleshooting Windows and securing wireless networks.

Besides that, the magazine also includes videos that help users with their PC and cybersecurity issues. It is a valuable resource for anyone with interest in technology and security, especially those in leadership roles.


The CIO’s job is crucial in today’s modern enterprise. They work with the IT department to ensure the business has the technology it needs for success.

CIOs are responsible for a variety of responsibilities, including managing the IT department, answering employee questions, and overseeing network and system implementations. They also work closely with vendors to learn about new technologies before competitors do.

Infosecurity Magazine

Infosecurity Magazine has been providing information security buffs with their fill of the latest and greatest for over a decade. Their content is curated and published in print and online and includes an established webinar channel, a whitepaper syndication program, and industry-leading virtual conferences, all of which are endorsed by major accreditation bodies, making them the go-to source for any infosec aficionado.

Best of all, they offer freebies! Besides the above-mentioned feathered star, they also have a top-notch blog and newsletters to boot.

Signal Magazine

Founded in 1946, Signal Magazine covers C4ISR, intelligence, electronics, cyber technologies, cloud computing, and all the programs or solutions that build on these disciplines. The magazine serves its audience by gathering and distributing vital information based on journalistic ethics.

Lt. Gen. Susan Lawrence, USA (Ret.), president and CEO of AFCEA International, wrote an article for SIGNAL Magazine that called for a programmatic approach to zero-trust cybersecurity. She cited Electrosoft CEO Dr. Sarbari Gupta and noted that “Zero-Trust Nirvana” is a multiyear journey.


Whether you’re a CISO or just a tech-obsessed regular, cybersecurity news is a crucial part of keeping your organization safe. The longer a vulnerability or data breach goes unnoticed, the more serious it can become.

ThreatPost, which is backed by cybersecurity giant Sophos, produces a steady stream of high-quality, industry-specific content that’s worth checking out. It covers breaking security news, long-term trends, and everything in between.

The Last Watchdog

The Last Watchdog is a site to check out for all things security-related. Their main site is updated daily with articles and videos about the latest in malware, hacking, and intrusion detection. They also have a good-looking newsletter that is a great way to keep tabs on what’s new at the company. The site is a worthy addition to any list of the best sites for security news and information. They even have a podcast that you can subscribe to.

Schneier on Security

Bruce Schneier, president of Counterpane Systems, is a security expert who’s authored several books. He also writes for the mainstream and security media.

He’s a big-picture guy who considers how security issues impact broader society. It’s a mindset and worldview that don’t play well with social media and 24/7 news, but it’s an important part of building realistic and effective security systems.

In his new book, A Hacker’s Mind, Schneier explores how hackers take advantage of our laws, political structures, and economic systems. It’s a fascinating look at how the powerful use hacking to exploit and control the rest of us.