James Feldkamp Takes Look at List of World’s Best Vineyards

James L. Feldkamp

February 21, 2021

Wine connoisseur James Feldkamp offers a closer look at this year’s top producers courtesy of the 2020 World’s Best Vineyards list.

A lifelong lover of wine, James Feldkamp developed a passion for the industry and the fruits of its labor as a naval officer more than 30 years ago, traveling to and from some of the world’s most celebrated wine-producing nations. Turning to the famous World’s Best Vineyards list for 2020, Feldkamp reveals this year’s top five wineries.

“South America dominates this year’s World’s Best Vineyards list,” says James Feldkamp, speaking from his home in Northern Virginia, close to the Potomac River’s southwestern bank, “responsible for three of the top five highest-rated wineries on the planet.”

The famous World’s Best Vineyards list, produced by William Reed Business Media, honors the very best in wine tourism each year. The 2020 list, according to James Feldkamp, covers five continents and 18 countries. “This year’s World’s Best Vineyards list also sees the addition of 17 all-new entrants,” adds the Virginia-based wine connoisseur. “In first place this year is Zuccardi Valle de Uco in Argentina,” James Feldkamp reveals, “also proudly, by default, the best vineyard in South America, which, of course, would be an incredible accolade just in itself.”

In the second place, meanwhile, is a top-rated vineyard from Uruguay. “This year, Uruguay’s Bodega Garzón takes second place, just losing out to Zuccardi Valle de Uco,” adds James Feldkamp. Less well known for its award-winning wines, one might argue, Austria then takes the third-place spot. “Domäne Wachau, celebrated for its white wine varieties, takes third place thanks to its uncompromising aspiration for quality and outstanding winemaking expertise,” Feldkamp points out.

The fourth place consists of another South American entrant, with Chilean vineyard Montes just beating fifth-place contender Robert Mondavi Winery, which is located in California. “Rounding off the top five, Robert Mondavi Winery this year also earns the prestigious accolade of best vineyard in North America,” notes Feldkamp.

Wine connoisseur James Lee Feldkamp is a retired naval officer and widely respected cybersecurity expert from Arlington County, Virginia. The protection of hardware, software, and data from cyber threats, cybersecurity measures are now routinely employed by government organizations, medical facilities, global corporations, private enterprises, high-net-worth individuals, and more alike, across the U.S. and worldwide.

A subject matter expert at Washington, D.C.’s famous Georgetown University, a private research university in the U.S. capital’s charming and upmarket Georgetown neighborhood, former adjunct professor James Feldkamp has more than 30 years of experience in the field and has taught undergraduate courses in both domestic and international terrorism during his career.

In addition to his cybersecurity work, wine connoisseur James Feldkamp is also a professional book editor and has authored and edited a celebrated university textbook on the theory and politics of terrorism. In his free time, Feldkamp enjoys sailing and travel, with travel, in particular, allowing the retired naval officer to embrace his love of wine at some of the finest vineyards and wineries from across the globe.