Jim Feldkamp Discusses the Expectations of New Hires in IT

James L. Feldkamp

June 12, 2021

Information security is all over the news these days. Just when we think we have a handle on it, something like the Colonial Pipeline attack pops up and makes us all realize that we’re far more vulnerable than we think. Jim Feldkamp knows the field insight and out, having worked for the Federal government to keep data safe.

Working with IT Personnel

Jim Feldkamp describes one of the biggest problems in the field as a lack of qualified personnel. This kind of dearth in a company or organization means that when a leader hires an IT professional, they often expect instant results. Forgetting that these security issues have likely built up over years, Feldkamp says that there needs to be some degree of compromise combined with better communication for new hires to combat this problem.

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